Double Ph.D.

Double Ph.D.


Electronics Engineering Double Ph.D. Program

Electronics Engineering Ph.D. Program is  offering a double Ph.D. degree in between Sabancı University and Taiwan's top research university, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University.

The program is expected to have an immense contribution to higher education in the area of electronics engineering, specifically microelectronics, semiconductor and integrated circuit design and fabrication, by further enhancing research and innovation skills of both institutions, in return, developing highly skilled and knowledgeable/experienced graduates for academia and industry.


  • Allows students to spend 2 semesters at the partner university each having its own individual curriculum.
  • Significant and immense contribution to the of internationalizing the higher education
  • Enhancing research and innovation at each partner institution
  • Defend your dissertation (this is arranged at your home institution)